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il dio della montagna
to my mother
la tomba cinese
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Umberto DAuria

Umberto DAuria

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D'Auria Umberto studied piano with Ornella Saltarelli, Matteo Napoli , and Jan Carlos Parreira Studied composition with William Rabolini,Gaetano Panariello and Alfonso Vitale Technical Skills From 1988 use Macintosh computer Knowledge of operative system 7.6, 8.0, 9.2, QSX: 10:3 ; 10.4;10.5;10.6 Kno ...

D'Auria Umberto studied piano with Ornella Saltarelli, Matteo Napoli , and Jan Carlos Parreira Studied composition with William Rabolini,Gaetano Panariello and Alfonso Vitale Technical Skills From 1988 use Macintosh computer Knowledge of operative system 7.6, 8.0, 9.2, QSX: 10:3 ; 10.4;10.5;10.6 Knowledge of Software Logic 7 ,8,9: Cubase, Peak, Digital Performer, Pro Tools Used Packets of : Vienna Symphonic Library, East West, Best Service, Zero G Campioni Akai Work Experience 1988 Wrote various pieces of music for piano; Nocturne in Re minor, 3 Valzer, Preludes and so on 1990 Accompanist opera singers in various concerts, and performed own piece of music as a solist 1991 Participated in The Third International Congress of Literature and Politics in Latin America for the review of Latin and American Movies. Accompanist at the piano the Venezuelan duet ANNA POR DOS in the interpretation of folk music (bolero, tango, rumba etc.) 1992 Started collaborating with numerous recording studios as an arranger, and composer of unpublished pieces 1993 Started experimenting with electronic music 1998 Piano teacher (modern) at The International Academy Mozarteum of Salerno Italy 2001 Wrote the film sound track Under The Sky and collaborated with various musicians for the composition of music for films and various short films 2001 Was chosen by Citta of Fonopoli president Renato Zero, among the first ten Italian musicians to take part in the Concert at the Ambra Jovinelli Theatre in Rome on June 5th 2001 2004 Wrote an unpublished piece for the young voice of Laura Scimone performed at the Castrocaro Terme Festival winning third place 2004 In September wrote a world preview soundtrack for the project Areale of Photographer of Brussels Ugo Locatelli, where the experimentation of electronic music is carried out. 2004 Comes to life the idea to set electronic music to well known poems by Cesare Pavese, Lorca, Ungaretti, Neruda and others. Wrote a composition called Animalità for the photographer Silvia Amodio In May 2004 was engineer of sound in the recording project Piano solo, a disc published by T.M. Phonenix in Austria 2005 Participated as a composer in the project WGS…. Word Gesture Sound which unites Music, Neuroscience, Art, Technology, Learning. This interdidisciplinary project comes about from the research, experience from the innovations of team work put together by Mrs Daniela. The first prototype Multisensory Interactive Installation is set up on the colour/sound synthesis and is a work in progress for an interactive virtual application. It was presented at International conferences, of which 5th MUSICNETWORK Open Workshop, Integration of Music in Multimedia Applications, Vienna July 1005, VSMM, 11th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, Belgium, October 2005; SMC05 Sound Music Computing, Salerno, November 2005. 2006 it realizes his cd Apokalypsis and it begins a collaboration with the Musician Savio Riccardi for some television Fiction of national nets. 2007 it collaborates with Pericle Odierna in the realization of the sonorous column of the film Giampiero and Leo; its experimental search continues widening its sonorous bookstore to 11 terabytes of bookstores audio.To October 2007 it holds a concert to Dublino in Ireland.It begins the year 2008 and they begin new collaborations, continuing his activity of arranger and compositore,collaborazione with Savio Riccardi for the fiction Moglie a pezzi,e tightens more always his relationship of collaboration with Pericle Odierna, but particularly it devotes him to a turned project to the Asian culture and more in the specific one to that of Japan and of China, studying uses tradition bringing in music all of this, it is in workmanship his last cd from the name The Chinese grave 2008,in this project the young composer Ivan Antonio becomes his assiduous collaborator, while on the slope of the continuous search still to ingradire his sonorous bookstores, thin to now equal to 9 terabytes. The collaboration as musical assistant it continues with the composer Pericle Odierna, in the theatrical show Ho perso la faccia, of which the cd audio is also published in September 2008 edit from the Musical Editions Heristal.In October of 2008 it wins the Musical contest with the Song Dreaming for the spoot The dropper Spoot TV SMS, broadcast and television transmitted on Rai 2, Canale 5, NRetet 4 and Italia 1:I deep crops will be employed by the association Soleterre to give a hope of recovery in more to the over 2000 sick children of cancer that every year they transit from the two hospital departments in which we intervene to Kiev. In Ukraine, because of the backwardness of the diagnostic means and the poverty, only 4 children on 10 survive to the cancer. Their hope of life is exactly halves that of their European contemporaries. The voice in the spoot is that of Natasha Stefanenko.In 2009 it begins it develops intense activity of pianist with different lyric singers, among which the tenors Francesco Malapena, Carmine Orsini and the Soprano Tahirih Scarpa, at the same time it continues his torch of experimentation in the electronic music , whith spot and short films you launch, in December of 2009 it holds a Concert to Oslo in Norway

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