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Giuliano Palma il nuovo CD di inediti: OLD BOY

VideoTopFive, la classifica della settimana dal 09.02.2014 al 15.02.2014

Lord Jessiah -  Grounds of Detroit  Ft. Scrooge McJus & All Wise

OZARK HENRY ‘I’m Your Sacrifice’  DISCO D’ORO in Italia

5n6 - Walk With Me Feat. Lil Pobidansta & Studio Freestyle

Wakeup Starlight , The White Flags of Aderaan

Sanremo Festival 2013, the 6 finalists for the youth section have been selected

Tbless Feat. Orlando Rebirth (Music Video)

Krystatic Future Frenzy EP (Tru Fam Records) FREE Download

Conscious Route Real World

Big Dutty Deeze - Madman (Produced by Rediculus) Short Film/Music Video

Crawler and Andrea De Paoli togheter for the victims of the earthquake in the Emilia

Multiple Skillz Chocolate & Coffee

Sempre Più Scemo  (Always Dumber NT) the new single by Oxi

Lady Marga MC Music is The The Way Vol. 2

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