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you are my radio tobialamare

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YOU ARE MY RADIO from the album "the party" tobia lamare & the sellers (lobello records/goodfellas 2010)

Tobia Lamare & the Sellers are a musical entourage from the south east of Italy. They reside in a countryside that has no borders with the Mediterrean Sea but that has ties with the Mississippi and Tennesee Rivers. They produce a sound that can be described as mixing Neil Young, Pavement and the Violent Femmes and shaking it under the burning southern Italian sun in the middle of a barley field. In 1993, Tobia formed the band Psycho Sun, recording 5 albums released in Europe as well as touring throughout Italy, Spain, France, and the UK, opening for artists such as Iggy Pop & the Stooges, Karate, SOdastream...From those 15 years of mayhem that he encountered as a youngand aspiring rock n roller, including flirts, lust, broken hearts, smashed brains, death, life, guns, restrictions and happiness, he has written and recorded with his new band The Sellers,, an album aptly entitled "The Party", where every song, every character and every note is linked to each other. The album was mainly recorded at sud est studio and at his home, La Masseria Lobello (The Lobello Farm) where in between working long days on his organic farm, he would spend the nights sculpturing his story, fuelled from the textures and vibrancy of his sun soaked surroundings. The Party was released through his label, Lobello records, on 26 December 2009, and now is distributed by Goodfellas.
During the last two years they have toured Italy, U.K., Spain and Ireland. "My stormy days" won a prize as best video clip at Zero festival (Ferrara). They will be on the road again as soon their new album "Are you ready for the freaks?" will be released at the end of February 2012.

my stormy days
girls with pills


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