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''Big Green'' - Vinyl Soul Official Music Video Vinyl Soul

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The video sets up a story, in Los Angeles during the 1930's, of a detective getting hired by a sultry woman to find the missing music. The missing music will be represented by a trumpet she brings in that is missing pieces. The woman entices the detective into taking on the case. Throughout the video, the detective reveals a few clues that lead into finding that the music has been stolen by a gangster, underground club owner. He is stealing it for ultimate power over music and to sell it off to the talentless.

The video also reveals that the woman is a double agent in the case. When the detective calls her on her sly behavior and dismisses the case for fraud, Vinyl Soul steps into the story to give him his last final clue to solve the case and save music.

The artistic theme of the video is how corporate and the main stream industry is using music to sell and make money off of, while losing the real heart and soul of the music. The band playing on both the street and the club represents making it in the industry while staying true to who they were when they started making music -- when they were just playing in the streets. It will represent how they will keep the heart and soul in their music.

Directed by Mica Rausch

Vinyl Soul - "Donde" live at The Gibson Amphitheat
Vinyl Soul
Vinyl Soul - "Wishes"
Vinyl Soul
Vinyl Soul - "Let Me Love You" acoustic version
Vinyl Soul


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