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ecocentro play piano with flowerstone (no quarter) ecocentro

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FlowerStone involves five professional musicians who shared a deep research on the atmospheres and sounds created by Led Zeppelin. Instruments, most of which were built between the '60s and '70s, are basically identical to the original ones used by Led Zeppelin, even in some changes to electronics, guitars and amplifiers made by technicians who had the highest level international collaborations. The influence of Led Zeppelin on contemporary music is immense, their creativity is inexhaustible. FlowerStone stems from the need to preserve and divulge a certain way of making music: the extreme variety of styles and compositions, and the consuming energy of Led Zeppelin on stage must be shown again in live concerts. This purpose needs a careful philological research and a study on the original performances of the legendary londoner band, meant as pages of History Of Music. "FlowerStone performs Led Zeppelin" was introduced for the first time in Italy on
summer 2009 with some dates of some considerable success, and the band is currently organizing a northern Europe tour. They have played with Jon Lord of Deep Purple in Palermo, Italy, on april 28th 2011; they performed "Concerto for Group & Orchestra" with the 75 musicians classic orchestra of the Palermo State Conservatory "Bellini" conducted by M° Carmelo Caruso, and some Deep Purple and Jon Lord classics.
Marco Riggio: vocals
Massimo Avellone: guitar
Fabio Caiozzo: keyboards
Gigi Cristiano: bass
Simone Scamardi: drums

ecocentro play with flowerstone (stairway to heave
ecocentro play original song (ebbene si)


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