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Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution - Daeron (A dream of cans TIDE Records

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guarda vota e condividi Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution - Daeron (A dream of cans il video di TIDE Records

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from Spiritual Revolution part 1
the concept-album by Sailor Free

'Spiritual Revolution part 1' is available on:
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To buy a physical or digital copy of the album go here:

To dream... even in the iron emptiness, new futures.
Threads that bind lives of tin and fates of love.
And then towards the sea, in silver games, to fly and to fall,
still exists, and yet, for ever more.
From piles of waste it's pure poetry.


Sognare... anche in vuoti di ferro, nuovi futuri.
Fili che legano vite di latta a destini d'amore.
E poi verso il mare, nei giochi d'argento, volare e cadere,
esistere ancora, e ancora e ancora.
Da cime di scarti รจ solo poesia.

***** Lyrics *****

One day
When history was now
Souls were free and
How clear the sound was vision
Of perfect harmony

And free
The most elected sound
His beauty's all around... me
Can't you see
How down

He's falling...
Indeed falling...

Meanwhile the clockwork runs
The poisoning began
The crawling truth of envy
The first misunderstanding
And that's how life complete
Of lies the rotted breed
The brightest turns to worst
And that's how story goes

How down

She's falling...
Indeed falling...

Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution, introducing_sub ita
TIDE Records


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