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Cassius Clay Livia Ferri

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Livia Ferri - "Cassius Clay" - Official video 2013

Performed by Livia Ferri, Alessandro Cinelli, Francesco Milazzo, Daniele Marcante
Music and lyrics by Livia Ferri

Buy the album 'Taking Care' on CD:
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Bless and blame your loneliness
Smile with your own tears,
A toast to all we wanted to be
Ain't the time to judge, ain't the time to cry,
Time to say goodbye
As the weather in this May
You're gonna make this day

With a kiss on my forehead
Pain sleeps with you
They're all ready and we are too
We're just waiting for you
I can see life dripping away
Every day.

Strung of seeds on your chest
Saints and demons round your wrist
And I tried with my own hands
With every song we sang
Three deep breaths and a neon light
That's what took you to die
I wish there was relief
I wish it felt like being free

With a kiss on your forehead
Peace sleeps with you
They were all ready and I was too
And I wish it were true

Official site:

Direction: Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi
Cinematography and editing: Lorenzo Muto
Production manager: Davide Caucci

With the friendly participation of Claudia Ferri

©2013 BlackBackCalico Records / M.i.l.k. - Minds in a Lovely Karma

Livia Ferri - Hopefully
Livia Ferri


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