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My Mistakes - No Way MyMistakes

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My Mistakes are Luca Capezio main vocals and guitar, Paolo D'adamo on bass, Fabrizio Ranucci on guitar and Daniele Salvatorelli on drums. They are from Italy and they love brit, rock, indie, folk, country music and honest and tasteful song writing "My Mistakes", my life, Luca says, it's full of mistakes, even from childhood time when I hated to go to school, but the problem is not really looking into the past for mistakes, the real problem is that even today, I'm still making at least 50% of my mistakes. So for me "My Mistakes" it's like a tattoo, like the one I got on my arm, a reminder branded in my skin that I can't run off from it easily like nothing happened. So talking about me in my songs, about mistakes, fears, love, fantasies, really helps me, it's one of the easiest way to face them and get better. Doing this in english is even easier for me, because I can communicate freely and detached when I express myself personally. I can fully do that
thanks to the balance and the trust we got with each other in the band.

What Luca said it's pretty much what you can find in the My Mistakes music, their debut album "Campbell Road" will be out on October 15th on digital distribution, you just need to unveil the album and listen to it, it could be an unexpected surprise.

The album was recorded in Vasto at the Non Ha Senso studios, mixed in London at the Limehouse Recording Studios with producer and sound engineer Neil Williams, and the mastering was made in Torino by the gifted sound engineer Alessandro Vanara.
The director of the video is Giuseppe Martinelli.


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