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Leave a Mark Riccardo Polidoro

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"Leave a Mark of you presence on this world, make a scratch that nobody can rub off". This is the first line of Riccardo Polidoro's new tune, which is dowloadable for free on his website.

Start your day with his breezy, summery tune that focuses on the power of believing in yourself. "Leave a Mark" in an infectious three minute slice of bright, spiky pop with a catchy hook. It will make you "jump" "'cause you are amazing". That's the reward you experience once you've been able to leave a mark in your life.

Riccardo's fans are used to his warm sounding voice and his tender timbre since he's been made popular by his well-known Celine Dion covers such as "I Surrender", "To love you more", "Loved me back to life" and many others.

In his new original song "Leave a Mark" Riccardo carves new paths connecting his charming goody-goody attitude to a burst of upbeat hip-hop swag mood.

Let's say you cooked the perfect dinner for your new stunning sweetheart. Unfortunately she is a so-called selfie maniac! What might happen? The outcome is a spectacular recipe for disaster. Find out in his joyful video on YouTube.
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Do You Hear What I Hear ?
Riccardo Polidoro


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