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Stomping Song Tommaso Cuneo

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Give me that wall of sound,
It's the best sound around,
I need to hear that noise,
like the girls need the boys,

Give me that sixties beat,
I wanna stamp my feet,
I don't wanna hear no strings,
Or the fat guy when he sings.

And what I have to say,
Is to play it every day,
loud loud louder and loud.

Give me that heavy drumming,
There s a new world a commin,
Don't want no old Grandma,
Playin in my car.

And what I have to say,
Is to play it every day,
loud loud louder and loud.

Tommaso Cuneo comes out with a new single, Stomping song. Song written with the English author Alan Jackson, who signs the text. Stomping song is a song that deals with the theme of eternal rivalry between young people and adults, between teenagers and parents. There is the young man who criticizes and refuses the musical tastes of adults saying that he wants to listen new music to the radio, with drums and loud sounds and not those whining complaints of the past;
in short, this small generational confrontation is told, even in an ironic way.
The video was shot during the summer of 2018 in Rome, by Videomaker Lorenzo Lattanzi.
Video made for the most part with the timelapse technique.
Tommaso Cuneo produces and plays all the musical instruments in the piece;
the battery was made with sampled sounds.
The video is filmed in Rome, in the Appio-Latino, Via Tuscolana and Villa Borghese areas.

Tommaso Cuneo esce con un nuovo singolo, Stomping song. Brano scritto con l’autore inglese Alan Jackson, che ne firma il testo. Stomping song è una canzone che affronta il tema dell’eterna rivalità tra giovani e adulti, tra adolescenti e genitori. C’è il giovane che critica e rifiuta i gusti musicali degli adulti dicendo che vuole ascoltare alla radio della musica nuova, con batteria e suoni forti e non quelle lagne di una volta;
insomma viene raccontato, anche in maniera ironica, questo piccolo scontro generazionale.
Il video è girato durante l’estate 2018 a Roma , dal Videomaker Lorenzo Lattanzi.
Video realizzato per buona parte con la tecnica del timelapse.
Tommaso Cuneo produce e suona tutti gli strumenti nel brano;
la batteria è stata realizzata con dei suoni campionati.
Il video è girato a Roma, nelle aree Appio-Latino, Via Tuscolana e
Villa Borghese.

Tommaso Cuneo: Music and artistic production

Alan Jackson: Lyrics

Marcello Daga: Mixing

Lorenzo Lattanzi: Videomaker




Tommaso Cuneo


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