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Dark Water Allen Centeno

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I now present you “Dark Water” 💀🎼🎤 This track is a declaration of war against racism, discrimination, and homophobia. Growing up, I learned that the color of my skin, my sexual orientation, and my imperfections could be a good excuse to bring me down in many contexts (school, job, dating, etc.). As a grown man, though, I learned to not give a f*ck, accept my impurities and appreciate instead the people who love me for me.

Here are the lyrics!

"Dark Water"

You will never see what's my worth
'Cause I drink dark water
To darken up my heart and my thoughts
And I've been waiting for, for you to clean me, oh

Once upon a time I had thought
That colors didn't matter
Then I opened up my eyes and I saw
The better that you get the more they'll drag you down


You make me sick
Let's make it quick
No talking shit

My brain's got glitch
And you're a bitch
And I'm just drinking
Dark water

Oh you keep telling me I'm not gonna go high
I can't help thinking you're the one pulling me down

You don't even seem to partake
On the conversations in your head
To comprehend the thoughts that you make
And I'm afraid of dispersions of your shit



Down, you make me
Frown, ain't got no
Time for your fucking

You will never see what's my worth
'Cause I drink dark water
To darken up my heart and my thoughts
'Cause I've waiting for, for you to clean me, oh


Music video by Allen Centeno performing Dark Water. (C) 2017 Allen Edward Centeno

Written and produced by Allen Centeno
Mixed and mastered by Dyo Studio

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